Hello world!

I started Clojure past few days. Thanks to Jo and Milos, my nerdy classmates who are big fans of functional programing. Now I’m getting into it.
I heard of functional programming years ago, I played with Haskell but not much. Probably, the main reason I started liking Clojure because of Computational Complexity course I’ve taken at Charles University.

To be honest, I hated this course at the beginning. Machine Turing is not that bad, NP-complete and reduction techniques are pretty much fun, but recursive function and λ-calculus are so fucked up. I did hate all the lambda notations and hazy proofs with old math style.

I still hate λ-calculus if I don’t have to study for the exam. After several group studies with Jo, and he kept telling me how much he likes Scala and functional programing I thought “Hey, that’s pretty much similar to what we’re studying, you know, recursive functions and other stuff”

Yes, I like Clojure because I like λ-calculus, recursive function, partial recursive function, Kleene theorem and all other stuff. I decided to learn Clojure seriously, so I come up with an idea that I’m gonna blog about it. Of course, not only Clojure, FP but all other stuffs I like such as Computational Complexity, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, Lomography and so on.

Why is the blog named MyLomoWalk? I love Lomography, and Lomography is the art of coincidence. I’m a big fan of uncertainty, which often leads to coincidence. MyLomoWalk is my walk in the uncertain universe (or multiverse?)